Thursday, November 3, 2016

Younger-looking hands

Eye cream, night cream, anti-aging serum…we’ve used them all!  Often we are so focused on fighting facial wrinkles that we’ve neglected our hands!

 Try these tips to help you have younger-looking hands!

1.Use an all-natural hand soap

Frequent hand cleansing is important, but let’s take care of our hands while washing them! Replace generic hand soap with an all-natural, chemical-free product.

2. Care of nails and cuticles

Taking supplements like biotin can promote nail health and strength. Try using an essential oil or balm to limit hangnails and dry skin around the nail area.

3.Keep your hands moisturized!

Using a nourishing lotion, or cream, to keep hands moisturized can help fight wrinkles and keep hands looking smooth and soft. Our Herbacin Hand and Nail Balm locks in moisture, and protects skin on hands and around nails.

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