Monday, September 30, 2019

How to Use the Herbacin Foot Care Starter Set

Throughout our lives our feet will walk 270 million steps. To put that into perspective, that’s all the way around the globe – four times! Our poor feet take a beating every day. Unfortunately, most people take their feet for granted and don’t care for them the way that they should. Keep reading to learn why it’s so important to take care of your feet, and how the new Herbacin Foot Care Starter Set can help you to develop a healthy foot care routine.

Why It’s So Important to Take Care of Your Feet 

The health of your feet can have a major impact on your overall health and quality of life. You use your feet everyday to take care of yourself. So if you develop foot issues, you’ll find it much more difficult to run errands, exercise, and work. Plus, any kind of foot pain can affect your posture and gait, which can have a negative impact on other parts of your body.

So why do our feet need so much extra care? First of all, just walking every day puts hundreds of pounds of stress on our feet. And since the feet are the farthest body part from the heart, they can experience all kinds of issues with circulation, which is especially true for those with diabetes.

How to Take Care of Your Feet 

Keep your feet clean and dry and check your feet regularly for swelling, redness, cuts, sores, and bruising. Wear comfortable footwear that’s appropriate for whatever you’re activity you’re performing. If you plan to be on your feet for long periods of time, skip the strappy sandals in favor of something more comfortable.

Foot care experts also recommend keeping your feet and legs moisturized using lotions designed for these sensitive areas, like those in our foot care program. Our comprehensive Herbacin Foot Care program features perfectly coordinated natural products with advanced formulations to care for and pamper your feet and legs every day. They contain no parabens, animal ingredients, or mineral oils and are never tested on animals.

If you’re new to Herbacin, we’ve put together this starter set to give you the opportunity to test out our foot care line for yourself and see why customers and podiatrists alike swear by our products. 

What’s in the Herbacin Foot Care Starter Set: 

Herbacin Foot Care Leg Lotion 

  • Offers instant stress relief and relaxation for tired legs 
  • Hydrates, soothes, and nourishes with natural avocado and almond oils plus camomile blossom extract 
  • Red vine leaves and horse chestnut strengthen the veins and enhance blood flow to your legs, improving circulation 
  • Carnosine and vitamin E help bind free radicals to reinforce the cell membrane 
  • Carnosine reduces glycation to improve skin elasticity and delay its aging 

Herbacin Foot Care Cream 

  • Prevents cornea, calluses, and cracks from forming to keep feet looking and feeling their best 
  • Leaves skin pleasantly refreshed and moisturized 
  • Provides ultimate moisturizing for sensitive and highly stressed feet with camomile and urea 
  • Natural oils, camomile extract, allantoin, and panthenol soothe and regenerate the skin 
  • Carnosine and vitamin E bind free radicals to strengthen the cell membrane 
  • Improves skin elasticity and delays signs of aging 

Herbacin Foot Care Cooling Gel 

  • Cools down hot feet and tired, heavy legs with a cool care complex of menthol, menthyl lactate ,and camphor 
  • Ensures long-lasting, delightfully invigorating freshness 
  • Active ingredients of red vine leaves and horse chestnuts simultaneously strengthen and tone veins, enhancing blood flow in your legs 
  • Absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky film on the skin 
  • Leaves your feet and legs feeling refreshed and revived  

Herbacin Foot Care Warming Balm 

  • Treats cold feet to a comfortable, long-lasting sensation of warmth 
  • Avocado oil, almond oil, and natural camomile extract gently soothe and hydrate the sensitive skin of your feet 
  • Antioxidants carnosine and vitamin E strengthen the skin’s protective moisture barrier 
  • Carnosine reduces the reaction between sugar molecules, collagen and elastin fibers helping to counteract skin aging while enhancing elasticity 

How to Use the Herbacin Foot Care Starter Set 

  1. Massage Herbacin Foot Care Cream daily onto clean, dry feet. 
  2.  Follow with Herbacin Foot Care Leg Lotion, gently massaging from foot to upper thigh. Do not massage varicose veins. 
  3. To relieve hot feet, apply Herbacin Foot Care Cooling Gel to clean skin, distributing evenly. 
  4. To invigorate tired, heavy legs, gently massage Herbacin Foot Care Cooling Gel from foot to knee. Do not massage varicose veins. 
  5. For cold feet, apply Herbacin Foot Care Warming Balm to clean skin, massaging gently. 

How do you care for your feet?