Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Looking Polished on the Job

Job hunting in 2016? 
Here are our tips to make the best impression and land your dream job. 
Dress the Part
Do your research!  Is the company you are applying to ultra casual?  Then you might want to leave the three piece suit at home.  Conversely, if you’re applying to a place that full business attire will be expected it’s best to dress up.

Make Sure You’re Comfortable
If you are constantly pulling at uncomfortable pants then you will be distracted and so will your interviewer.  Make sure your talents shine through, not ill fitting clothing. 
Go Light on the Perfume or Cologne
Everyone wants to look and smell their best but go light on the fragrance it can be off-putting to some. 
Practice Good Hygiene
This may seem like a no brainer but make sure your hair is well groomed, your nails are trimmed and clean and you have fresh breath.  
How do you make sure you’re interview ready?

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