Friday, February 12, 2016

Take yourself on a date

Valentine’s Day is the epitome of a “date night.” With the heart filled holiday being right around the corner, couples are looking high and low to find a unique date idea to take their partner on.

But who says you need a partner to go out on a date? Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day and take yourself out on a date! Here are some of our favorite date night ideas:

1.Buy yourself a ticket
Have you ever gone to a show or movie with a date that talked the entire time? This date night is for you! Nothing is better than sitting through a show with no interruptions. Buy yourself a ticket to a Broadway show or a movie, dress up and head to the show alone. The best part? No sharing your popcorn!

2. Taste the world
Pick three restaurants of different genres. Grab a drink and an appetizer at one, the main course at the next and dessert and coffee at the last one! Going alone will allow you to really focus on the food and enjoy it, instead of worrying about having something stuck in your teeth the entire time you’re talking to your date!

3. At home wine night
Don’t feel like going out? No problem! Put on some comfy clothes and have your own wine tasting! Grab a few mini bottles of wine you’ve never tried before and taste away! Better yet, get some cheese from a local cheese shop to go with the wine.

Have fun on your date!

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