Monday, February 22, 2016

Flowers with Benefits

Spring is on its way! That means a lot less snow and a lot more flowers!

But did you know that flowers are more than just a pretty decoration on our earth? Flowers actually have a ton of benefits for your skin!


Roses have natural oils that help lock in moisture to your skin! Using a rosehip oil or toner with rose petal extract can do wonders for moisturizing your face. Plus, the smell is great.


You know the ones you stick in your hair in the summertime? These flowers have a ton of antioxidants! Other than being available in hibiscus teas, the flower is found in exfoliating products, creams and serums! Hibiscus replenishes your skin and hair with a healthy shine!


Jasmine offers a floral alternative to cleansing clogged pores and helps to hydrate and soften the skin! Simply find a face wash containing jasmine, and wash with warm water. The mix of jasmine and warm water will open your pores and purify them in seconds!


Honeysuckle products contain plenty of Vitamin C and anti-inflammatory properties! If you have sensitive skin, find a calming honeysuckle wash to help sooth and even out any redness or flares.


Chamomile is general known as a calming tea. Other than calming your body, chamomile also works to calm your skin! This flower is known to help clear and heal troubled areas of skin with any acne or irritation.

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