Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Staying Positive in 2016

Can you believe it’s already 2016? The time is flying by!

There are plenty of good things that come along with a new year. There are new resolutions, new goals and plans and the chance to have a clean slate and start over.

This year join us in starting over this year with a positive attitude. Here’s two big steps in how we’re going to do it:

1.Cancel negativity out

Whether it’s a bad habit or a friend that brings you down, it’s time to cancel out those negative aspects of your life. It’s not going to be easy, but with a little determination it can be done.

Start by keeping a journal and documenting how you feel each day. At the end of each week, look through your journal entries. If some days your attitude seemed a little lower than normal figure out who, or what, could be contributing to your low mood.

Once you find the source, create a pro-con list of canceling the source out of your life. If the pros start outweighing the cons, it’s time to cancel that source out of your life.

2. Take “can’t” out of your vocabulary

This year we want to urge each other to stop saying “can’t.”

Trying new things is intimidating, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do them. If we don’t try doing new things, how will we know if we can actually do them or not?

When you feel the urge to use the word can’t this year, ask yourself these two questions:

1.     Have I tried it?
2.     What will I be missing out on if I don’t try it?

If your answers to the questions above are already filling you with regret, then try whatever is it you’re saying you can’t do.

2016 is your year. Don’t let “can’t” rule your life this year!

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