Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Attention to Digestion

Having issues with your digestion is, literally, "gut-wrenching". Did you know that intestinal issues affect more than your digestive system? They can cause irritation in your skin and mouth, as well as affecting your moods and energy levels.

Cells in the inner intestinal lining produce a large percentage of serotonin, otherwise known as the "happiness chemical". Since the brain produces the same serotonin, a connection is formed sending chemical messages between the brain's central nervous system and the enteric nervous system of the digestive tract, otherwise known as your "second brain".

If your digestive health isn't tiptop, it can cause your enteric nervous system to send messages to the brain that something isn't right, resulting in feelings of anxiety. Before you know it, your brain is reacting to these messages before any specific symptoms arise.

To determine whether your digestive tract is healthy, assess how you're feeling during and after meals. A few tips: make sure there's sufficient fiber in your diet, make sure you're well-hydrated, and make it a priority to get enough exercise.

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