Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Year-New Skin Care

Skincare routines are all about sticking to them. But how often do we do that? This New Year we’re making a resolution to try a new skincare and stick to it!

1.Develop a morning and night routine

Consistency is key in a routine, but sometimes we’re just too tired to follow our morning and night skincare routines. Let’s change that! When you’re washing your face at night, try laying out the products you’ll need in the morning. For example, place your face wash and washcloth right on the ledge of the sink to remind yourself to wash your face in the morning. Set you toner, cotton balls and moisturizer right next to your mirror. That way, there are no excuses to stick to it!

2.Ditch the chemicals

Sometimes, we purchase skincare products based on the words on the front of the bottle. We’re drawn to anything that mentions “clear skin” or “flawless complexion,” but more often than not we forget to read what’s on the back of those bottles. Try turning it around for a change and instead of looking at those eye-catching phrases on the front, read into the ingredient list. How many of those ingredients do you recognize? If you don’t recognize the majority of what’s on the back, chances are your skin won’t recognize them either! Ditch those chemicals and find something with a shorter and more recognizable ingredient list instead. Go natural or go home!


For those nights when you need a deep clean, check your cupboards and make your own exfoliator! Ingredients such as: oats, sugar and salt can easily serve as all natural exfoliators. Mix in some lemon, honey and cinnamon and you’ve got a replenishing face scrub that will cleanse your pores and fight against acne. Plus, look at the bucks you saved!

4. Less is more

Natural skin is the new you! Our skin needs to breathe, but when we pack on the makeup it doesn’t always get the chance to. Let’s make a promise to ourselves this year to take a few days off a week from wearing makeup. If you don’t feel comfortable going bare, try a tinted moisturizer or just a few dots of concealer here and there. Trust us, your skin will thank you and you’ll get a few extra minutes of zzz’s in the morning!

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