Sunday, September 4, 2016

Men’s Skincare Trends

Men are becoming more skin-conscious, so here are some simple tips for healthy maintenance

1. Moisturize for a healthy, natural glow

More men than ever are caring for their skin, realizing the need to keep it hydrated. We recommend Herbacin’s Camouflage Moisturizing Face Balm, specifically formulated for men.

2. Use tinted moisturizer or BB cream

Men wishing to minimize imperfections on their skin should use a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. These effectively cover acne scars, redness and even prominent acne.

3. Fill in your beard

Is your beard not as full as you’d like?, Use eye shadow to fill in the gaps. Any shadow similar in color will work; use a fluffy brush to apply to areas where facial hair is sparse.

4. Beard shampoo and conditioner A growing trend is to wash beards with shampoo and conditioner specifically designed to keep facial hair beards clean and soft.

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