Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ten reasons to eat more fruits and veggies

1.They’re versatile: Fruits and vegetables can be incorporated into an enormous variety of recipes. One simple veggie can become many different dinners and, with so many options, something is sure to satisfy everyone!
2.They add color: Where our food is concerned, presentation is key.  Liven up your dishes with color --a beautifully bright fruit salad or a delicious dish of mixed leafy greens.

3.They’re filling: If you’re in need of a quick snack, grab a piece of fruit to hold you over until lunchtime.

4.They improve digestion. Filled with fiber and plenty of other nutrients, fruits and veggies can help ease discomfort stemming from digestive problems.

5.They’re sweet—without the added sugar: We all love a piece of chocolate from time to time, but over-indulging in sugar is a poor health choice. Snacking on fruit will provide the sweet flavor you crave without the added sugar and calories.

6.Fruits and vegetables have your vitamins covered: Make sure you’re getting sufficient vitamins in your diet by eating the proper amount of fruits and vegetables each day. Benefits include increased immunity, stronger bones, and higher energy levels.

7.They’re everywhere: From your own garden to the farmer’s market and the produce aisle at the grocery store, fruits and vegetables are always available.

8. They’re a perfect pre-and-post-workout snack: Bananas, tomatoes and beets are filled with potassium, fiber, and digestible carbohydrates that will keep you moving through even the toughest workouts.

9. They keep you hydrated Cucumbers, lettuce, green peppers and cauliflower are all over 90% water—a great way to achieve your daily water intake without drinking so much liquid.

10.  Eat your way to a clear skin: Heard about the current kale craze? Those leafy greens are popular for good reason. Full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, kale—along with blueberries, spinach and tomatoes-- is a fantastic option for anybody battling pesky spots.

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