Monday, September 26, 2016

Fall fashion 101: colors, textures, styles

In fall we embrace the temperature change and bring out darker colors and heavier textures. Here are some fashion suggestions for the coming season.

Dark Burgundy

Burgundy is an essential fall color because it works well with any skin tone. If you’re concerned about investing too much in one color, you can easily incorporate it into your wardrobe with a scarf, shoes, hat or purse.

Olive Green

Another staple color for fall is olive green.   Neither too deep nor too bright, it pairs well with neutral colors like khaki, brown and black.


Who doesn’t love leather?  Add texture to your fall wardrobe with a stylish leather mini-skirt, trousers or jacket.

Dark lip colors

Dark lip colors are a fall favorite —deep burgundy, purple, and even black are this year’s fall fashion trends. A new season means a new look, so try some new darker shades just for fun!


With fall’s variable weather, it’s easy to dress appropriately by incorporating versatile layers into your wardrobe.  A thick sweater and a light jacket—maybe that leather we mentioned above?—will see you through the season.

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