Monday, August 29, 2016

Workouts for the family

To keep your whole family fit and healthy this fall, try these easy and accessible workouts.

Practicing yoga is great for all ages and levels of flexibility—and you can do it anywhere! Take your mats to the park or the beach for a fun day outside, incorporating fitness and family time.


Dance is another perfect activity for children and adults of all ages. Zumba gets you into high gear while the kids can just dance around and have fun! You don’t need to actually attend a zumba class, just blast some music and let loose around the house!

Stroller Run

If you still have children in strollers, try running while pushing them around the park. This workout targets your core as well as your arms and legs. Rather than running the whole time, try doing intervals; this will push your body even harder..

The key? To have fun!

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