Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Staying Healthy While Traveling

Whether it’s a day trip, a week away, or a months-long vacation, traveling can stress our digestive systems due to changes in climate, routine, and diet. . Sure, we  all enjoy stopping at those local greasy burger joints (onion rings! chili dogs!), but our bodies may not be the biggest fans.
Here are a few tips on how to keep things healthy and avoid digestive shock while traveling:

1. Bring pre-packed healthy snacks

It’s fine to treat yourself to fries every now and then, but certainly not every day. One way to avoid unhealthy temptations is to snack prep before the trip. Packing snacks high in protein and fiber will ensure a happy and healthy stomach during your travels.

Snack options include:
 Raw nuts
 Baby carrots
 Celery sticks

    Drink options include:
    Bottled water
    Unsweetened coconut water
    Flavored sparkling water
    Bottled green tea

     2. Keep moving

Traveling can involve sitting for hours on end.  These periods of inactivity can wreak havoc on your digestive systems  and cause  poor blood circulation, leaving you feeling tired and sluggish,   To avoid this, try to keep moving. If you’re driving, stop every hour or so  to get out and walk around. If you’re on a plane, head to the bathroom and do a few stretches. We know there’s not much room, but do what you can! Trust us, this will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated  and help you enjoy your travels.

Have a safe and healthy trip!

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