Monday, July 25, 2016

Vacation Travel: Five Top Tips

Sometimes traveling can be much more hectic and chaotic than anticipated, and finding ways to deal with our vacation stress can be difficult. Here are five vacation tips that will help you relax and get into vacation mode!

1. Take pictures and get into the moment:

Remember, the entire idea behind taking your vacation is to enjoy it, and the best way to achieve this  s to actually be “in the moment”. Bring that camera with you,, enjoy sightseeing, and take photos so  you can look back and remember the highlights of your trip. Also—there’s no need to be posting on social media every second of the day!

2. Plan Ahead:

To help reduce  stress while traveling, always plan in advance. List your priorities and design a realistic timeline to   help you stay organized.

3. Pack lightly; bring clothes you like wearing;:

Deciding what to bring on a trip is not always as simple as it should be. Over-packing happens naturally so you need to be aware of it and avoid it,. About a week before your trip, lay out everything you’re planning to bring along, and  from there make a list. Look critically at your list and really start to remove things you don’t need. After that, categorize your clothing. Trust us, wearing the same outfit a few times during a vacation isn’t a crime, and including favorite (and comfortable) wardrobe items will give you confidence during your travels

4. Stay hydrated on the plane:

Another thing to remember when traveling is to stay hydrated, especially when flying. Keep your hands hydrated by using our Herbacin Kamille hand cream.  Hydrate the areas under your eyes with Herbacin eye cream, Use both products periodically during your flight, and.remember to drink water frequently.

5. Do Yoga and Meditate:

Traveling can create anxiety,  so staying calm .can be challenging.  Ease your stress with yoga, stretching or meditation. Some airports offer space for travelers to practice yoga-- mats included!

Try these tips, and let us know if they help! Happy travels!

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