Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Get your feet beach-ready

Sandals, flip-flops, open-toed heels…what do you enjoy wearing in summer?

While our personal styles are important to us, we also want comfortable footwear that allows our feet to feel fresh and cool.  So, when choosing new summer shoes bear these three factors in mind:  comfort, coolness and style.

The most essential element of summer sandal season is the appearance of our feet. Who wants to show off dry, callused heels and toes? Follow these simple steps to get your feet ready for summer.

As with facial skin, feet produce dead skin cells that need periodic removal. Exfoliating rids  your feet of  dry, patchy spots and leaves them looking and feeling fresh and renewed! Buff and nourish your toes using our Foot Peeling Scrub with Himalayan ash and almond oil.

Walking around with feet exposed to saltwater, sand, hot air and hot surfaces can cause drying and cracking.. Prevent these problems by keeping your feet well moisturized. Try an oil-based foot lotion such as Herbacin’s Foot Cream with almond and avocado oil to lock moisture into those dry spots!


One unfortunate side effect of wearing sandals and flip-flops through the summer are the resulting calluses.  The remedy? .  First, soak your feet in warm water to soften the skin, then use a pumice stone to scrub away those pesky hard spots.. Be gentle, and if the scrubbing hurts … stop! After scrubbing, remember to lather your feet with a nourishing foot cream to replenish natural oils.

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