Thursday, April 19, 2018

How Long Does It Take for Skincare Products to Work?

It can be frustrating when a new skincare product doesn’t provide results right away. We spend our hard-earned money on these claims, so we expect results! 

Don’t throw that new product away just yet! Some products actually take longer than you think to start working. So, how long does it really take for a skincare product to work? And how do you know when you should move on and try something else? Keep reading to find out! 

Some Products Do Provide Instant Results 

There are certain products from which you should expect instant results. For example, cleansers work instantly by removing makeup and dirt from skin. Skin should immediately feel soft and clean, without being overly oily or dry. 

Similarly, moisturizers and serums (especially those with hyaluronic acid), work to instantly plump and hydrate skin. For instance, skin will immediately feel softer and smoother after using our Anti-Age Serum, and will continue to improve with repeated use. 

Other products (like sheet masks) claim to instantly lift skin or create a healthy glow. These products do often work, but the results are superficial and temporary. Products like sheet masks are nice to have, but they shouldn’t be the cornerstone of your skincare routine. 

How Long Does It Take For Products to Work? 

Many skincare products don’t provide instant results. These products work to address skin on a cellular level, so you’ll need to wait for a full cycle of skin cell turnover to see results. This cycle takes around one month. As a general rule of thumb, you should stick with a new product for at least one month before deciding whether or not it’s effective. 

For certain skin concerns, this trial period is longer. For example, anti-aging products like our Night Cream and Eye Cream take about six weeks to begin to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. After this six week period, skin will continue to improve with regular use. 

Products that brighten skin and correct hyperpigmentation take even longer to work - around three months. However, they won’t work at all if they aren’t paired with a high quality sunscreen. 

Topical products for acne can take around six to twelve weeks to show results. 

Tips for Evaluating Your Products 

Make the most of your new skincare products by following these tips: 

 ● Avoid changing your entire skincare routine at once. Begin using one new product at a time, so you know whether or not it truly works for you. 

● Changes may be very gradual, so gradual that you might not notice them day to day. Take a “before” picture when you begin using a new product. One month in, take a another photo in the same lighting and compare. 
 ● It’s extremely important to stay consistent with your skincare routine. Use products as directed and don’t skip your skincare ritual, or you won’t see the results you want. 
 ● However, there are exceptions to the rule. If a skincare product is causing sensitivity like itchiness or redness, you should discontinue use. 

Remember, patience is a virtue! Waiting a little bit longer to see if a product will work may be your key to better skin.

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