Thursday, April 7, 2016

How Botanicals Affect Your Senses

Have you ever thought about how scents make you feel? Whether lighting a lavender candle to relax after a hard day or drinking ginger tea when you’re sick, certain botanicals can have a subtle yet profound effect on your mood and disposition.

Here are some essential oils that you should keep on hand:

Lavender/Chamomile/Jasmine: Relieve stress and insomnia
If you’re feeling stressed out after your day, or you’re having trouble falling asleep, you can find relief using lavender, chamomile and jasmine scents, Put a few drops of  essential oil on your pillow to soothe you into a deep, stress-free sleep.

Peppermint/Lavender: Relieve anxiety
Feeling anxious? Try dabbing a few drops of all-natural peppermint or lavender oil on the insides of your wrists and on your temples. The scent should help calm you and reduce any feelings of anxiety.

Eucalyptus/Green Apple/Rosemary: Relieve low, sad moods
If you’re feeling down, take a whiff of one of these three scents to help heighten your senses and make you feel more balanced.

Mint/Ginger/Lemon/Orange:  Relieve nausea and upset stomach
Having an upset stomach or nausea is never fun. Mint and ginger are great for settling upset stomach and queasiness.

Cardamom/Cinnamon/Tea Tree/Citrus: Relieve low energy

Work weeks  are challenging and can leave you feeling worn down and jaded. Surround yourself with these scents to enhance your energy and feel revitalized!

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