Monday, January 28, 2019

Gym Bag Beauty: 7 Ways to Streamline Your Post-Workout Beauty Routine

Do your New Year’s resolutions include exercising more? That’s great! Regular exercise boosts both your physical and mental health. However, it can be tough to fit trips to the gym into an already jam-packed schedule.

While we can’t make recommendations on how to trim down your workout routine, we can help you with what comes after. Follow these tips to streamline your post-workout beauty routine so you’ll have no excuses not to hit the gym!

1. Remove All Makeup 

Taking off all of your makeup before working out will help prevent breakouts (and keep mascara from running down your face while you exercise). Swipe face with 2-Phase Makeup Remover pre-workout, and again post-workout to remove sweat and dirt.

Flushed skin requires gentle products, and with an ingredient list that includes sweet almond oil and aloe vera, 2-Phase Makeup Remover is about as gentle as it gets. Plus, this product doesn’t require rinsing, which will further cut down on your grooming time.

2. Condition While You Sweat 

If you’re planning on washing your hair after working out, spritz your hair pre-workout with a leave-in conditioner. The heat from exercising will open up your hair’s cuticles, allowing the product to penetrate the hair shaft better and moisturize.

After your workout is over, wash hair with shampoo, then use a couple sprays of leave-in conditioner to help detangle hair.

3. Get Clean 

Leaving sweat on your skin can lead to acne on both your face and body. So if you have time, take a quick shower to rinse away sweat, dirt, and bacteria. Choose a gentle body wash with an energizing scent like citrus or eucalyptus for a little post-workout boost.

4. Wipe Down 

Don’t have time for a full shower? No worries. Settle for cleaning up with baby wipes instead. Pay special attention to areas that tend to sweat more, then apply a deodorant to fight off odors.

5. Rehydrate Skin 

Sweating zaps the moisture right out of your skin, so replenish your skin’s hydration levels with nourishing moisturizers. Use Day Cream to moisturize your face and Kamille Body Lotion with Argan Oil everywhere else.

6. Dry Shampoo 

If you don’t have time to wash your hair, use dry shampoo to soak up excess oils and odors. Just spritz roots with dry shampoo, rub in with your fingertips, and blast with a blow dryer to finish. It may not be a professional blowout, but it will certainly help!

As an added bonus, you can also use dry shampoo to deodorize your gym shoes post-workout. 

7. Simplify Your Makeup Routine 

Chances are, you don’t have time to apply a full face of makeup post-workout. Try this pared down makeup routine instead:

  1. Apply tinted moisturizer (make your own by mixing equal parts foundation and Day Cream) to neutralize redness. 
  2. Apply concealer to disguise under eye circles and blemishes. 
  3. Apply waterproof mascara, which is less likely to smear on warm skin. 
  4. Use a tinted lip balm to hydrate lips. 

What are your gym bag beauty tips? Let us know in the comments!

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